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Mystic MoonLight Dreams
Mystic MoonLight Dreams Awards for You


Mystic MoonLight Dreams Awards 4 You!!
I'll try to add a sample of what these awards will look like soon. To win an award, please send me an e-mail with your id and e-mail if different than e-mail you sent it in.
Your site must meet the requirements for the award!!
You can choose to have the award personalized or not... Not all samples are what the award is going to look like!!
Blasting Download Site Award:
*Must be anime on your site
*Must be hentai free
*There has to midis, video clips or other items people can download off of your site
Totally Cute Award:
*Must be anime
*Must be hentai free
* I must like your site
80's Anime Award:
*Must be an 80's anime {Voltron, Speed Racer, Transformers, etc}
*No hentai
Totally Neat Fan Art:
*Must be anime
*No hentai
*Have some interesting fan art
Anime Bronze Award
Anime Silver Award
Anime Gold Award
Sweathearts Award:
* Must be anime
* No hentai
* Tell me why you feel this couple rocks
Anime RPG Award:
*RPG sites and clubs ONLY
*Any anime
*Made up chars or not
More awards will come..